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We are a Missionary Family Serving the Lord by Faith (Joshua 24:15)

 Marco and Maureen were born and raised in Costa Rica, in Alajuela and San José respectively. In December 1993 Maureen and her family moved to the province of Alajuela. Being both members and servants in the same church (Marco serving in the Worship team  and in youth group  and Maureen serving in the youth group ) they meet, and in 2005 they got married and continued to serve the Lord as Youth Pastors. Later, they had two sons, Andrés and Esteban, who later joined their father in serving on the worship team as musicians.


The following years, as their desire to serve the Lord increased, their service to God also increased, which led to the opportunity to go to the mission field (Panama) in 2017. There, in Panama, they began to work building relationships and making friends which led to being able to work with Youth, Adult, Women, Praise and Worship Groups and community programs. They are a missionary family that is completely dedicated to serviing  the Lord and making use of their gifts and talents to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ  and to disciple new believers.

Misiones en Panamá
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